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Capitol Bankshares and Capitol Bank are steady, strong and well-positioned for future growth, evidenced by the Bank's financial performance.

Proudly Serving Madison & Beyond

With over 25 years of proudly serving local businesses and individuals, we are mindful of the ongoing support we have received from our loyal shareholders and customers. Capitol Bank continues to be steady, strong and well-positioned for future growth.

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Capitol Bank continues to provide exceptional customer service while safeguarding the integrity of our operations and focusing on sustainable asset quality and profitability.

Annual Report

Financial Highlights

During the twelve months ending March 31, 2024, net loans increased 8.97% to $484.1M and deposits increased 9.30% to $505.9M.

March 2024

Shareholder Letters

Shaped by the ongoing effects of persistent inflation, geopolitical issues, and the global economy, 2023 was a unique and challenging year for the banking sector. 

Transaction History

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Meet our Leadership

Board of Directors

Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson Executive Chairman of the Board 608-836-4303
Sean Cleary
Sean Cleary President, Cleary Holdings, Inc.; Cleary Building Corp; Cleary Transport, LLC; Cleary Real Estate, LLC; Vice President, Capitol Bankshares, Inc.
Mark Koehl
Mark Koehl CPA (retired), Wipfli LLP, and Treasurer, Capitol Bankshares, Inc.
Michelle Behnke
Michelle Behnke Principal, Michelle Behnke & Associates, and Secretary, Capitol Bankshares, Inc.
Joseph Hildebrandt
Joseph Hildebrandt Managing Director, DaneVest Tech Trust and Phenomenelle Angels Trust
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson Executive Chairman, Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC
Theodore Richards
Theodore Richards Chairman of the Board, Strand Associates, Inc.
Jay Sekelsky
Jay Sekelsky CFA and CIO (retired), Madison Investment Advisors, and Partner, Zermatt Investors, LLC

Emeritus Board Members

Albert L. Toon, Jr.

Gerald Peterson

Frank Burgess

Robert Tensfeldt

Richard Munz

Call Reports

Visit the FFIEC Central Data Repository's Public Data Distribution web site to obtain Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports) and Uniform Bank Performance Reports (UBPRs). The information available on their website is updated to reflect the most recent data for both prior and current periods. The earliest data provided is from March 31, 2001.

FFIEC Call Reports

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