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VISA® Business, Business Rewards and Business Cash Rewards.


  • Flexibility – Make purchases, pay bills or get cash
  • Affordability – Low interest rates
  • Convenience – Visa is accepted worldwide
  • Security – Multiple layers of protection for your money
  • Access – View your account online anytime, day or night


  • Auto rental insurance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Local customer service
  • Lost or stolen card reporting
  • Online access to statements
Capitol Bank VISA Business Credit Card

Through our partnership with Bankers’ Bank we offer three VISA business credit card plans for mobile payments and rewards! Click here for more information or to apply. In addition, you may contact a Capitol Banker for more information. 

NOTE: Applicants must be customers of Capitol Bank. 


Information Needed to Apply

Please review the list of information needed to apply for the business credit cards. If you need assistance with the application, click here to contact a business banker or call us at 608.836.1616. To get started with the application, click on the blue “apply now” button above that corresponds to the type of credit card you are interested in.

Capitol Bank requires the following for all business credit cards:

  • Signed and completed Application
  • Personal Guaranty (page two of the Application)
    • Not required for non-profits, municipalities, or larger stock corporations.
  • Beneficial Owner Form
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Financial Information
    • Business Statements
      • Previous year-end Income Statement and Balance Sheet or Tax Return
      • Current year-to-date interim statements
    • Guarantor Personal Financial Statement
  • Borrowing Resolution
    • Most businesses require the appropriate resolution
    • Not needed for Sole Proprietorships
    • Municipalities/non-profits can use the Organization Resolution or alternative documentation, such as:
      • Minutes from board/council meeting authorizing stated limit and borrower by name
      • Letter from agent of organization with authority to borrow on its behalf, such as a city executive or treasurer

In addition we need the following depending on the type of business:


  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-laws (states titles/positions of individuals that can borrow on behalf of corp.)

Limited Liability Company

  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement (states titles/positions of individuals that can borrow on
    behalf of the LLC)
  • Sole Member LLC’s without an operating agreement must submit a signed statement indicating sole member status.


  • Partnership Agreement

Other Organizations

  • Require a typed document stating how the organization operates
  • Require names of who has the authority to borrow funds on behalf of the Organization (their titles must be listed)

Account Questions or Travel Notification?

Contact The Community BankCard Department at Bankers’ Bank with account inquiries (balance, transactions, etc.) during weekday business hours (M-F 8:00 – 5:00).

You can also contact FIS (Fidelity Information Services), our processor based in Florida, for customer service 24/7/365.
Customer Service: 1-800-423-7503
Security Lost/Stolen: 1-800-325-3678
Fraud: 1-800-854-1557
Dispute: 1-800-906-0005

Existing cardholders

View your statement online.


Lost or stolen card?

Report it missing by calling


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