Local bank stays alert of fraud charges as skimmers continue to pop-up across Madison.

By November 21, 2016April 20th, 2020Security
WKOW_CapitolBankThis story originally appeared on WKOW.com from reporter Nick Buffo.

MADISON (WKOW) — A local bank continues to stay vigilant as more card skimmers continue to pop-up at gas stations across Madison.

Capitol Bank VP of Operations and Security Bill Conybear is urging customers to regularly check for fraudulent charges on their account.

“Look at your account, because it can happen quickly,” said Conybear, who says the banks has been proactive in educating card holders. “We’ve been educating them through direct mail, a direct newsletter to them, Facebook, LinkedIn, there’s information out on our website.”

Madison Police say so far 11 skimmers have been found in Madison, while two suspects have been caught, police still ask banks and consumers to stay award of suspicious activity on their account following a trip to the gas station.

“If you just regularly check your statements for fraudulent activity and as soon as you see it, notify your bank, have them cancel the card to that these suspects aren’t able to get money from your account,” said Madison Police Det. Pat Green, during a press conference Friday.

Bill_ConybearConybear says Capitol bank is keeping a watchful eye on fraudulent activity, now, more than ever.

Even working on a better way to communicate to consumers with a new Fraud Alert Text System.

“The card holder would get a text message to their phone, verifying whether a certain transaction that fell outside their score or outside their regular activity is legitimate or not,” said Conybear, most major banks and credit unions already have a text alert in place.

Still, being mindful of your account balance, Conybear says is the most important way to stay safe.

“Somebody can do a small transaction, and then find out it is a valid card and they turn that into a larger purchase, and that money leaves quickly and then all of a sudden you’re calling your bank asking for help.”

Madison Police continue to urge consumers to be smart when filling up at the pump, checking for any sort of tampering with the device; but if you are still unsure, they recommend going inside and paying the cashier instead.