ClickSWITCH from Capitol Bank
ClickSWITCH™ is a website that facilitates the moving of both outbound recurring payments and inbound direct deposits to your new Capitol Bank account.
If you’ve already been provided with a SwitchTRACK code by your Relationship Banker at Capitol Bank, you can proceed to the ClickSWITCH website to get started. For more information, please read below or contact Capitol Bank.
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Direct Deposits

Switch your existing direct deposits and automatic payments to Capitol Bank.

Automated Payments

Move your accounts without wasting time contacting payees for automated payments.

Switch Assist

Use Switch Assist to see all of your existing direct deposits and automatic payments in one place.

5 Easy Steps

Making the switch to Capitol Bank doesn’t have to be a laborious undertaking. We’ve provided a few steps below to get you started, along with ClickSWITCH™, it’s a breeze. We’re more than happy to walk through the process with you as well.

1. Open an Account with Capitol Bank

Establish the account that will be most convenient for you to conduct your banking. You can open a Free Green Checking or Savings Account entirely online.

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2. Stop using your previous checking account

Make certain all your checks have cleared at the institution where you have been banking, ensuring that you have funds to cover any automatic payments that may be made from your account. We generally recommend 1-2 months of overlap to ensure everything has properly transitioned.

3. Change your Direct Deposit

A direct deposit is any payment that you receive from a person or organization directly into your account. These include payroll direct deposits, government direct deposits (Social Security, Disability, etc.) and dividend direct deposits from investment accounts. Use the checklist below to organize the transfer of direct deposits to your new account using ClickSWITCH™.

  • Payroll
  • Pension/Retirement
  • Bonds and CDs
  • Annuities and other investments

4. Update Automatic Payments

An automated payment (or ACH) is a regular, ongoing payment that is initiated from your Capitol Bank account, such as a monthly insurance bill, utility payment or automobile loan payment. Use the checklist below to organize the transfer of your automatic payments to your new account using ClickSWITCH™.

  • Mortgage
  • Auto Loan
  • Insurance
  • Gas and Electric
  • Phone
  • Cellular Phone
  • Internet Service
  • Cable TV
  • Health Club Dues
  • Other?

5. Close your previous checking account

Send a written notice to your bank that you are closing your account and wish to transfer your funds to Capitol Bank. You may also be able to close your account online. Check with your current bank to confirm the simplest method, or give us a call and we’ll help.

Sample Letter

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