Hesitant about using Online Banking? Read this.

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We understand the concern our customers have with accessing their sensitive financial information online.. It’s hard to pick up a newspaper without seeing some sort of hack or data breach. It’s concerning to see how valuable information has been compromised, leaving customers with lasting financial and credit consequences.


Capitol Bank has a unique situation that has allowed us to avoid a hack or data breach for the last 22 years we’ve been providing these types of services.

Many of the hacks and breaches that have taken place recently are targeted at large institutions, due to the worldwide awareness the “bad guys” have about their organization. While we offer the latest and greatest banking technology to our customers, we also benefit from being a smaller community bank. We are not on the “world stage”.

In order to get the latest cybersecurity technology in place, we have partnered with an organization that brings together 50+ community banks and pools the resources of those banks. This has allowed us to deploy cybersecurity technologies that monitor and protect the environment 24x7x365. Together we use a multi-layered approach to security, utilizing well renowned companies like Cisco, FireEye, Palo Alto, UFS, LogRhythm, and Novacoast. You may have even seen some of these companies interviewed on 60 Minutes over the past few years.

Most importantly, we know our customers. Having a personal touch affords us a better understanding of your behaviors. We’re able to recognize patterns and keep open lines of communication.

  1. Online Transactions utilize most of the same cybersecurity technology as ATM transactions and teller visits in the branch.
  2. Together with our Banking Community we have invested millions of dollars in the best cybersecurity solutions available.
  3. Every moment of the day (24x7x365), cybersecurity experts are using the most sophisticated technology and methods available to monitor and respond to incidents that indicate potential security threats.
  4. A relationship with you is our most important defense. We’re here to answer questions, keep an eye on abnormal account activity, and support your financial well being.

While there is inherent risk in “being online” with our product, we do many things to mitigate that risk. Here are a few steps you can take to help us help you:

  • Look for the Green Lock: Our website and online banking application utilizes Extended Validation Certificate technology. Each time you log in to your online banking account, look for the green lock symbol in your browser address bar and/or a green address bar (depending upon the browser being used). This green lock identifies your session as private and safe. If you do not see this green lock, do not enter any personal information, including your username or password.

  • Monitor your Transactions: Regularly watching your transactions to ensure that each one is a legitimate charge helps us catch even the smallest fraud incidents before they become large breaches. Report any questionable activity to the bank immediately.
  • Keep Your Information Confidential: Many breaches begin with human error. Be watchful and vigilant. Never allow others access to your accounts or your personal computer. Never disclose personal information over the phone or online to someone you do not know and trust. Log out of online banking accounts immediately after you have finished your activities. Always shred important documents before throwing them away.

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We're enhancing our cybersecurity against phishing & spoofing, the leading causes of breaches, identity theft & financial fraud by updating our website domain to www.Capitol.BANK. Stay tuned for more details…

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Hesitant about using Online Banking? Read this.

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We understand the concern our customers have with accessing their sensitive financial information online.. It’s hard to pick up a newspaper without seeing some sort of hack or data breach.…