How We Protect You

By March 4, 2000March 14th, 2016Security

General online security:

  • We have strict password requirements for online systems and password characters are masked to maintain confidentiality.
  • We require Access ID, passwords at least eight characters long, and challenge questions to authenticate users.
  • We provide multi-factor authentication that utilizes Access ID’s and passwords, to identify clients.
  • We utilize secure socket layer (SSL) certificates to encrypt information.
  • We evaluate the latest security technologies and upgrade our systems whenever relevant improvements are available. We use multiple firewalls, network and application access controls, multi-tier architecture and ongoing preemptive forensics to protect your information.
  • We have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard your personal information.

Business and Consumer Internet Banking security:

  • We provide you with the date and time of last login when using Online Banking-Personal.
  • We have account daily limits set up for treasury management services.
  • We require token use at sign on for Business Internet Banking clients with high risk payment capabilities such as ACH.
  • We have eAlerts in place. These alerts are emails or texts automatically sent to your primary email address or mobile device when certain events occur based on your preferences.
  • We recommend multiple approvals to add/change/delete a user within Online Banking-Business.
  • We require dual control for high risk transactions such as ACH.
  • We will never display a pop-up message indicating that you cannot use your current browser or send a message that includes an amount of time to wait before trying to login again.