Fraud Prevention Text and Email Alerts – A Free Service

By May 18, 2016May 19th, 2017Announcements, Products, Security

Fraud-prevention-text-and-email-alertsCapitol Bank offers text and email alerts of fraudulent activity as a free service to all of our customers. Currently you receive a phone call when there is suspicious activity on your account. This service will continue. We’re simply adding a text message and/or email to alert you more quickly of fraudulent activity.

To enroll, call us and ask for Deposit Ops. They’ll verify your identity and input your cell phone number or email to our system.

It’s another step we’re taking to protect your money.

Below are frequently asked questions. Call us at (608) 836-1616 if you have additional questions or to enroll.

*Message and data rates may apply

How do I enroll in Fraud Prevention Text and Email Alerts?
To be enrolled we need to have your cell phone number and email on file. Call the Bank and our Deposit Operations Team can enter one or both into our system. If we already have your cell number and email address, you just need to let us know you want to enroll. Simple as that.

Do Fraud Prevention Text and Email Alerts replace other fraud alerts from Capitol Bank?
No. You’ll still receive a phone call. This is an added service on top of what you already receive.

Does the Fraud Prevention Text and Email Alert service cost anything?
No. This is a free service offered to all of our customers.

How do I opt-out of Fraud Prevention Text Alerts?
Call the Bank and ask to speak with Deposit Operations. They’ll make sure you don’t receive text message alerts from Capitol Bank.

How does Capitol Bank identify fraudulent activity?
With the increasing occurrence of national retail/merchant data breaches, we take fraud prevention very seriously and want to ensure you are protected. Capitol Bank uses a third party service to monitor debit card transactions. Our Fraud Prevention Center monitors all transactions and gives them a score based on complex algorithms that are built into the service (taking into consideration the merchant type, recent fraud trends, dollar amount, frequency and many other attributes of the transaction). Fortunately, the service is able to track trends, so it can predict the types of transactions that are within your normal pattern.

Only transactions with high scores trigger a phone call and could potentially lead to a transaction being denied. If the Fraud Prevention Center is unable to reach you to verify a transaction, your debit card may be temporarily restricted. To prevent your card from a restricted status: answer the phone call and keep your contact information up-to-date so Capitol Bank or our Fraud Prevention Center may reach you. Call 1.800.262.2024 to reach the Fraud Prevention Center. You will be asked for a case number. If you do not have this, stay on the line for a Fraud Prevention Representative.