Equipment Leasing

As a business owner in Wisconsin, it’s important that you improve the efficiency, scale, and growth potential of your business through investment in yourself. For many businesses, equipment leasing is a great option. Financing business equipment is a smart decision whether you need a few new computers or significant heavy machinery.

Beyond the preservation of cash, there are several advantages to equipment leasing:

  • The equipment benefits pay for the equipment itself.
  • Companies with large cash reserves can match cost to benefit.
  • Optimize cash flow by maintaining other lines of credit.
  • Gain tax advantages through business expense deductions. Consult your accountant about the Section 179 Tax Deduction.

Equipment leasing is different than other types of business loans. Capitol Bank purchases and owns the equipment, “renting” it to the borrower for a monthly rate and a specified amount of time. Once the lease term is complete, the business may purchase the equipment for its fair market value, continue leasing, or lease new equipment.

Advantages of Equipment Financing with Capitol Bank:

Same Day Funding
New or pre-owned equipment
Simple application process with minimal paperwork
Fast, local credit decision
Flexible terms & payment options including seasonal, quarterly, and skip
Competitive rates in Dane County
Tax deduction – ask your accountant

Why Choose Capitol Bank

Local decision makers

As an independent local Madison owned community bank, you’ll have a relationship with the individuals managing your Equipment Loan or Lease. You’re more than a number in our system. You are a member of the Greater Dane County and surrounding community. That means that your success is our success.


We’ve been offering business term loans for the entirety of our 22 year history in Madison and Dane County. Our professional, friendly Commercial Lenders understand your particular industry and can assist in guiding you through the process of funding your business’s growth.

Incentive Structure

Our Commercial Lenders are not paid on commission. Yes, they have annual goals. However, their incentive is building long-term relationships not acquiring loans for short term profits. This means they’re motivated to get to know you and your business and build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.

Dedicated team

Our Commercial Lenders manage our clients. Unlike some lending organizations, we don’t pass our relationships off to inexperienced staff who know you only on paper. You’ll have a dedicated team including the Commercial Lender as your key contacts from the onset of our relationship.

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