Term Loans

Business term loans are one of the simplest, easiest to understand types of business loan. You borrow a sum of money, and pay back Capitol Bank over the term of that loan. That business term loan can be used for various business solutions such as ordering inventory, hiring a new employee, or upgrading equipment.

Loan Operations Manage Business Term Loans at Capitol Bank

Business Loan Operations at Capitol Bank.

There are numerous advantages to business term loans:

  • Payment structures are set so you’re able to budget and manage cash flow.
  • The money borrowed with business term loans can be used for a wide variety of business needs.
  • Lower monthly payments and longer payment terms than short-term loans.

Not all term loans are the same. Dependent on your business situation (credit, cash flow, revenue, growth needs, etc.) there are different types of term loans available from Capitol Bank. We will spend the time to get to know you that other Madison lenders do not. It ensures you get a business term loan that benefits your Madison area business, and can be paid back predictably.

Business term loans can be used for a variety of purposes:

Business Recapitalization


Owner’s Equity Financing

Single purpose bridge financing


Why Choose Capitol Bank

Local decision makers

As an independent local Madison owned community bank, you’ll have a relationship with the individuals managing your business term loan. You’re more than a number in our system. You are a member of the Greater Dane County and surrounding community. That means that your success is our success.


We’ve been offering business term loans for the entirety of our 22 year history in Madison and Dane County. Our professional, friendly Commercial Lenders understand your particular industry and can assist in guiding you through the process of funding your business’s growth.

Incentive Structure

Our Commercial Lenders are not paid on commission. Yes, they have annual goals. However, their incentive is building long-term relationships not acquiring loans for short term profits. This means they’re motivated to get to know you and your business and build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.

Dedicated team

Our Commercial Lenders manage our clients. Unlike some lending organizations, we don’t pass our relationships off to inexperienced staff who know you only on paper. You’ll have a dedicated team including the Commercial Lender as your key contacts from the onset of our relationship.

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